Let’s Treat Lockdown Like a Snow Storm

We all know it’s coming.
That storm heard on the news.
They say it will engulf us all
A force of nature, we are bemused.

What will we do to feel safe?
As the lockdown happens near,
Do we have enough supplies?
Are we secure in here?

What of the people we’re stuck with?
Do they share my resignation,
To the inevitable decrease of,
our access to the nation?

Where is my government,
To pave these roads, to share my fear?
Why aren’t they too incased,
as lack of ration nears?

What’s left…

Level Three: Thanksgiving Super Spreader Event.

Congratulations America!

You have successfully made it to level 3, The Super Spreader Event.

As you navigate through each level of the pandemic you will find what it takes to survive 2020 The Game.

In this challenge you will come up against side quests, big orange boss battles, and the occasional dripping tar man, but have no fear, handy pandemic weapons can help you make it to the end, Lord willing.

The level starts off in Washington DC directly in front of the congressional building. The majority leader has just declared that congress should go home for the holidays. The starving and disease ridden masses swamp the streets in protest as they will go hungry while waiting for congress to finish their vacations and get back to working on bills to feed the people.

We start this level in Washington DC where the government is surrounded by a starving angry mob.

Your choice

Do you…
A.) Help protect their extraction as they head home to their families and lavish feasts?
B.) Throw cake toward their escape route, essentially blocking their way home with the hungry mob.
C.) Immediately leave the area to protect yourself from the virus and fight another day.

If you chose A.) Help protect their extraction as they head home to their families and lavish feasts?

Congress is indebted to you for their rescue and offers to allow you to join their most prominent members at the table for Thanksgiving. You accept graciously and even bring your own family to join.

In the middle of the dinner, as you hold hands with your fellow patriot over grace, a member of the government across the table from you begin to cough, and you realize no one is wearing a mask.

Your choice: Do you
A.) Immediately reach for your pandemic kit and put your mask on and offer the table masks to wear between bites of their extravagant meal?
B.) Shrug it off and keep eating, I mean really, when are you ever going to be able to afford a meal like this again?
C.) Grab your family and run.

If you chose B.) Throw cake toward their escape route, essentially blocking their way home with the hungry mob.

The mob runs toward the food, encircling the government officials. You see in the distance a large group of government officials locked in battle against orange monkeys attempting to force them to leave their post. You realize that they must be trying to help the starving people and run to their aid.

The flying orange monkeys branch off and begin coming at you while slinging menacing birds in your direction. The bird’s tweet is excruciating, breaking the sound barrier which forces you to drop and cover your ears.

As the tweets zoom past you can stand and continue to run forward as the attack was nothing more than a distraction so the orange monkeys can drag away the government officials attempting to help the people.

Your choice Do you…
A.) Grab a bird and send a tweet back?
B.) Use your pandemic kit and toss vaccinations to the government officials.
C.) Leave before the orange monkeys can grab you too.

If you chose C.) Immediately leave the area to protect yourself from the virus and fight another day.

You jump in an empty minivan that happens to have keys left on the seat. As you drive away from the scene of chaos you realize you’ve left your pandemic kit behind in the rush.

You’ll have to locate PPE’s (personal protection equipment) and hunker down in a safe location while the pandemic rages all around you.

As you come up to the closes grocery store, just outside of the city, you see the doors wide open and a crowd looting.

Your choice Do you…
A.) Go inside and grab whatever you can before heading out.
B.) keep moving, you need to stay away from crowds.
C.) Wait a little while to see if the looting calms down enough for you to sneak in and grab whatever you can that’s left.

To Be Continued………………………………..

Today I say goodbye to you for the millionth time it seams.

9 years ago you started changing and I knew and kept a dream.

Since then we’ve fought the turning tide and wished for better outcomes,

But nothing turned, you kept on running and we lost the battle outruns.

Today I sign my heart away for the millionth time this week.

We part though you have come back quick to torture and to pick.

There’s nothing we can do for you, my love, my joy, my peace.

I can not help, unwanted reach, and I will not break, just…

The story of America in progress

Standing on the ground of universal stardust,

hunched and leaning into the strain of muscle,

bends a man, aged by life.

He is burdened by the weight of land above,

A land he unwittingly protects, yet nothing is owed him.

The hard turtle shell had broken down over

years of force, life, and liberty of others.

As the weight rises, his eyes tip-up.

Ready to heave, and judge new plight.

He catches a glimpse of a lady,

standing tall yet bound to her post.

Her burden is that of justice,

yet has nothing to…

When your boss feels bad about firing you and makes it worse

You may be familiar with that time when your boss is more concerned about how bad THEY feel while giving you bad news. Here’s a story about my frustrations, that would be warranted, had my boss allowed room for anyone’s feelings beyond her own.

So I lost my job……..it was a real blow, but I tried to keep my chin up and avoid the terrible human need to misdirect my frustration toward others. We all do it, you know that, by consciously deciding to “Try” not to lash out. That sets us apart from the other basic primates.

The store…

Rude Optics Media

We create an image of the world we wish to see.

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